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How to order samples

Select the desired fabric and click on the “Add Sample to Cart” button. Each sample has a cost of 0.30€.

Shipping Information

We ship to every country in the EU. The Majority of our stock is located in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

In-stock textile delivered in 5-7 working days

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We offer samples. Each sample costs 0,30€ + fixed shipping cost of 5,95€.  Please be responsible with the number of samples you request 🙂

We ship them within 3 to 4 days.

The only case we accept returns is if the product received does not meet with the product ordered. Details are provided on our shipping and returns page.

Some fabrics can be purchased at under 5m per order – check the category “under 5 m MOQ” in the menu or take a look to “minimum buyable” at the product page.

Shipping is available for countries in the EU.

Deadstock fabrics are excess textiles which are sitting around as leftovers after a garment production run and are not part of a plan for immediate or future use. It is actually perfect unused inventory that goes to waste when it is not efficiently connected to a second purpose.

Recovo is based in Barcelona.

The majority of our vendors  are located in Europe, specifically in Spain and Portugal.  In each product page you will find the  “ship from”  information before check-out. 

In some cases vendors have a 3% margin of stock difference. What does this mean? Since we are talking about deadstock some times it is complicated for a brand to know the exact meters they have in a roll. For example in a 100m roll maybe the seller only has 97m so please excuse us if you encounter a situation like this. 

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