8 million liters of water saved so far by our reusing initiative


1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

If you are looking for  Silk fabrics to produce your next collection, feel inspired by our selection of silk fabrics. Perfect for dresses, blouses, and beautiful pieces. Fall in love with our selection of quality silk fabrics.

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Reasons why you should buy silk fabric at Recovo

Buy silk for its characteristics and uses

Silk is a type of natural fabric that comes from the mulberry worm (also called silkworm), which in its metamorphosis produces a very long silk filament until it forms the cocoon in which it wraps itself to transform into a butterfly. It is one of the most prized natural fabrics and is known for its use in ball gowns, wedding dresses and luxury clothing.

Silk fabric has a soft, smooth texture and is not slippery like synthetic fibers. It has characteristics like no other fabric, uniquely combining properties such as drape qualities, dry yet lustrous feel, absorbs moisture well, is hypoallergenic making it ideal for people with allergies and easily irritated skin. It is not very elastic but has a great resistance, and if well cared for, it can be very durable.

There are several types of silk, such as taffetas (thin and dense silks), crepe (more compact and resistant), twill (softer and widely used in the manufacture of neckties), gauze (transparent and light), chiffon (very popular in evening dresses), velvets, and many others.

Silk fabric is often used in the manufacture of garments for formal occasions and couture clothing, having applications in dresses, shirts, blouses, women's underwear and even homewear such as pajamas and robes.

Buying silk fabric in Recovo is making sustainable fashion

In Recovo we have several types of silk with an added value; they are textile surplus in perfect condition that will allow you to create your collection based on circularity, thus avoiding the production of resources such as water and pollution that comes from the manufacture of fabric. In this way, you can contribute to making fashion a more sustainable industry. To learn more about your impact when buying fabric from Recovo and what circularity of fabrics means for the environment, you can find out more in the “sustainability” section under the “about us” category in the menu or simply click here.

If you liked our silk fabrics and you are looking for fabrics to make special occasion or bridal wear, you can take a look at other alternatives in the “fabrics for bridal and evening dresses” section under the “By use” category in the main menu.

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