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Navy fabrics

Navy fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

Looking for navy fabrics? If you want to add this color to your collection, here’s a curated selection of navy blue fabrics in different materials and patterns. Buy navy fabrics online.

Did you know that navy blue is associated with depth, sacred order, immortality and power? Whether you want to give one of these meanings to your new collection or you want to give it a meaning of your own, these navy blue fabrics will give your designs the touch you need.

Some fabrics you can find in navy blue color are:

Buy navy blue cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics are one of the most used fabrics worldwide because its easy manufacturing and production brings many benefits to the environment, as it does not pollute as much as other artificial fabrics. They have good elasticity, softness, breathability and durability. Cotton fabrics provide the comfort necessary for uncomfortable summer mornings or cold winter days. In addition, cotton is lightweight and easy to care for, as it can be easily washed at home and a softening soap can be used.

Get navy blue polyester fabrics

Polyester is the most widely produced and used synthetic fiber worldwide due to its durability and strength qualities, and is manufactured from petroleum or natural gas derivatives. Continuing advances in the industry have contributed to the creation of polyester fabrics that mimic both the texture and feel of natural fibers. It is an economical but quality material that does not wrinkle, stretch or shrink. It is easy to wash and dries quickly, is lightweight and easy to work with, and is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, chemicals, abrasions and high temperatures.

Buy wool fabric in navy blue

Wool is a fabric obtained from the skin of domestic sheep. You can also get wool from animals such as alpacas, camels, cashmere goats and more.

Wool fabrics are characterized by a soft texture and pleated shape. Finer wool comes from shorter hairs, while longer fibers produce coarser wool. In general it is a thick and elastic fabric that is an insulating material that retains heat very well, perfect for cold climates and for making winter garments, perfect for making striped sweaters. The type of wool depends on the animal it comes from and how it is made. It is usually obtained from the skins of sheep, but also from animals such as alpacas, camels or Kashmir goats. For example, we have the traditional tweed, a coarse wool fabric with a herringbone pattern that is mainly used in suits and coats.

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