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Swimwear Fabrics

Swimwear fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

In need of  fabrics suitable for a new swimwear collection? in Recovo you will find a carefully selected proposal for swimwear fabrics. You will also find plenty of colors and designs with which to create your best swimwear garments. And with your purchase, you will be helping the environment, so don’t wait any longer and get your swimwear fabrics! Buy swimwear fabrics online.

Are you looking for fabrics for bikinis and swimsuits?
Here is our selection of Recovo fabrics that also contribute to the circularity of fabrics.

Recycled fabrics for bikinis and swimsuits

Recycled polyamide

It consists of a type of polymer with “amide” type bonds, a type of organic compound. Polyamides can be found in nature, such as wool or silk, and can also be synthetic, such as nylon. Polyamide fibers are strong and lightweight, absorbent and resilient. They are soft to the touch and do not cause allergies. They are also easily recycled; you can find a variety of recycled polyamides in our catalog.

Recycled polyester

Polyester is the most widely produced and used synthetic fiber in the world and is obtained from petroleum or natural gas derivatives. Some of its characteristics are: low cost, high quality, durability, elasticity, brightness, strength, lightness. In addition, polyester is very resistant to external factors such as humidity, UV rays, abrasions and high temperatures. It has a great capacity for recovery and is easy to recycle, a very important aspect since it is still a plastic material. Polyester fabric can be very versatile and is used mainly in the manufacture of sportswear, especially in the manufacture of bikinis and swimsuits.

Other swimwear fabrics

Econyl® Nylon

Econyl® Nylon is a 100% recycled fiber produced from waste by the company Aquafil and has become one of the most popular recycled nylons. It fits well into the circular model of fabric reuse as it can be continually renewed without loss of quality. It also helps reduce waste in landfills and oceans, as old carpets, fishing nets and industrial plastics are processed during the manufacturing process to produce this type of recycled nylon.


A fiber created to replace latex. Other names for lycra with which you may be familiar are “Elastane” or “Spandex”. This fiber is famous for its flexibility and high strength and is widely used in the production of sportswear.

Buy recycled fabrics at Recovo

Many of the fabrics that you can see for swimwear are recycled fabrics, so the added value of sustainability is greater as they are also circular (ie, they are surplus textile that has not been used and if not used, will be discarded even if it is in perfect condition).
In Recovo you can buy this type of sustainable fabrics and help to make fashion more environmentally responsible.


Frequently asked questions about buying fabrics in Recovo

– Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Recovo fabrics are sourced from different suppliers, and each supplier sets their own minimums. There is a category called “MOQ under 5m” in the menu (under Shop) where you can see all the fabrics that can be purchased with MOQ minimums. You can also take a look at the description on each product page, where you can see the minimum purchase.

We also have a section “Above 100 m stock” for those collections that need a higher volume of fabric.

– Where do you ship your swimwear fabrics to?

Recovo fabrics are currently only shipped to EU countries.

– How long will it take to receive my order of swimwear fabrics?

We ship within 5-7 days. Shipping takes between 5-7 days for domestic shipments and 7-15 days for shipments to the rest of the EU.

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