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Kidswear Fabrics

Kidswear fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

If you want to create a kidswear collection with fun and colorful fabrics for a kidswear line don’t miss Recovo’s curated selection of quality fabrics for kidswear outfits. Buy kidswear fabrics online.

Here above you have children's fabrics of different colors, textures and prints. You can find, above all, cottons, as they are the most used in children's clothing, but you can also find other fabrics such as wool.

Cotton fabrics, the most used in children's clothing

Organic cotton knitted fabric, also known as cotton jersey fabric, is the most commonly used type of fabric for knitting children's clothing. It is one of the most popular fabrics in making stretchy, soft and comfortable garments; cotton fabrics, being natural fabrics, are perfect for taking care of the sensitive skins of the little ones.

Cotton is a soft, natural fiber that grows from the seeds of the cotton plant. Worldwide, cotton is one of the most commercialized fibers. The characteristics that make it unique are: It has soft threads. It is a very durable material. It can be dyed and even bleached without any problem. It is a breathable fabric. It has insulation, so it can keep us warm in winter. Because of its softness it protects the skin of children and adults, so it is widely used in the manufacture of children's clothing.

Wool, another good alternative for children's clothing

Wool is a fiber obtained from the skin of domestic sheep, which can also be obtained from animals such as alpacas, camels, Kashmir goats and many others.

Wool fabric is distinguished by its soft feel and crinkled shape. Softer wool is obtained from shorter hairs, while longer fibers produce coarser wool. The finer wool has good crimpability and can be found in suits and skirts.

In general, it is a flexible, insulating fabric that retains heat very well and is ideal for cold climates and for making winter clothing. The type of wool depends on the animal it comes from and the treatment methods. For example, we have traditional tweed, which is a coarse wool fabric with a zigzag pattern, and is mainly used in dresses and coats. We also have Yarn, a high quality fabric made from tightly woven wool fibers that is widely used in upholstery. Another widely used wool is cashmere, obtained from Kashmir goats, which is soft and lightweight and ideal for making scarves and coats. The classic Scottish wool fabric, called Scottish tartan, is also made from wool, for example.

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