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Innovative Fabrics

Innovative fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

Find in this category innovative fabrics with special properties made from natural fibers. This selection of fabrics is made from plants with properties that take care of you, and knitted in a way that preserves these properties in the final fabric. Buy innovative fabrics online.

Here is a selection of innovative fabrics made from various plant fibers.

What innovative fabrics can I buy?

There are different unconventional fabrics, ranging from fabrics made from pineapple, bamboo viscose, hemp, and more. We tell you a few things about a couple of them:


Hemp fabric comes from Nepal and is made by local artisans in an eco-friendly way. The advantages of hemp fabric are many, but it especially stands out in relation to the environment. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions (it is estimated that each ton of cannabis can absorb 1.62 tons of carbon dioxide). It doesn't need pesticides or much water, it rejuvenates the soil with each growing cycle, its roots help reduce erosion and it can also be dyed with natural dyes. Hemp can also be grown in almost any soil without depleting nutrients (in fact, it helps restore nutrients that may have been lost before planting) and requires no fertilizer at all.

In addition to its many durability advantages, it is also quite versatile when it comes to making garments with excellent properties. Hemp is a great alternative to cotton fabric. It is strong, durable and gentle to the skin. It has excellent breathability, so making a hemp T-shirt is a great option for high temperatures. In addition, even after several washes, it does not wear out and retains its shape, becoming softer. All this makes it a fabric that is highly appreciated by those who know it.

Bamboo viscose

Bamboo viscose is highly sustainable, and is produced without the need for pesticides, germicides or fertilizers; Bamboo regenerates itself from its roots, so it does not need to be replanted. Compared to cotton cultivation, which requires a great deal of water, pesticides and labor, the advantages are quite obvious.

Where can I buy innovative fabrics?

In Recovo you can find unconventional fabrics with an added value: they are fabrics that follow a circular model, that is, they have a plus of sustainability as they are textile surplus ready to be used to create new garments, and thus save the overproduction of fabrics and consequently reduce pollution and consumption of resources involved in producing new fabrics. By buying fabrics from Recovo, you will be contributing to making environmentally responsible fashion.

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