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Activewear Fabrics

Activewear fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water

If you are looking to launch garments for activewear and you need technical fabrics suitable for activewear, in Recovo you will find fabrics of all types. We have  Econyl, lycra, cotton, polyester, nylon. All the technical fabrics for activewear you can imagine. You will also find plenty of colors and designs with which to create your best activewear garments. And with your purchase, you will be helping the environment, so don’t wait any longer and get your Activewear fabrics! Buy activewear fabrics online.

Are you looking for fabrics for sportswear? We show you our range of fabrics with fabrics from econyl, cotton, polyester, lycra or nylon. We explain them to you:

Sportswear fabrics: recycled nylon and Econyl® Nylon

Nylon is a polyamide that has revolutionized the textile industry for its strength and stretching capacity, being today one of the most produced fabrics in the world. Unfortunately, virgin nylon is technically a plastic and usually ends up in the ocean. Therefore, recycled nylon is a good alternative to this flexible but highly polluting material, as it does not require petroleum for its production, consumes less energy, produces less carbon dioxide than virgin nylon and is recyclable again.

Econyl® Nylon is a 100% recycled yarn manufactured from waste by Aquafil, and has become one of the most popular recycled nylons. It is perfectly suited to circular knitting patterns as it can be infinitely reproduced without losing its quality. It also helps reduce waste in landfills and oceans, as old carpets, fishing nets and industrial plastics are processed in production and turned into new products of sustainable value.

Another fabric for exercising comfortably: Cotton

Cotton fabrics are very popular because they are easy to manufacture and provide many sustainability benefits by not causing as much pollution as other synthetic fabrics. Cotton fabric has many qualities that make it unique as they are soft, breathable, durable and stretchy. Cotton fabric is ideal for use in sportswear due to its breathability. Cotton is also a lightweight, comfortable fabric that retains its shape and structure over time. It also helps protect the skin from chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Polyester, a perfect synthetic for sports

Polyester is the most widely manufactured and consumed synthetic fabric worldwide.
It is a versatile material and is mainly used in the production of sportswear due to its strength and elasticity, but it is also ideal for fashion uses.
It is a synthetic fabric with many qualities; for example, it is very easy to clean, does not shrink, dries quickly, and is resistant to the sun's rays.

Lycra, another alternative fabric for exercising comfortably

It is a fiber created to replace latex. Other names for lycra with which you may be familiar are “Elastane” or “Spandex”. This fiber is famous for its flexibility and high strength and is widely used in the production of sportswear.

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