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If you are looking to launch a bag or backpack or even to create a new accessories line and you need specific fabrics for accessories, in Recovo you will find fabrics of all types. In our catalog of fabrics for accessories we have Nylon, cotton, hemp, polyester and much more. You will also find plenty of colors and designs with which to create your best accessories. And with your purchase, you will be helping the environment, so don’t wait any longer and get your fabrics for accessories! Buy accessories fabrics online.

If you are looking for fabrics for accessorizing, above you will find fabrics of all kinds of colors, textures and prints to make your next collection. For example, you can find nylon, cotton, hemp or polyester, and even circular PU. Here's a brief overview of some of these fabrics.

Which fabrics can I use to make accessories?

An innovative and natural fabric: hemp

Hemp fabric originates from Nepal and is made by local artisans in an environmentally friendly way. Hemp fabric has many advantages, but above all it stands out for its relationship with the environment. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions; it does not need pesticides or much water; it rejuvenates the soil with each growth cycle; its roots help reduce erosion; and it can also be dyed with natural dyes. In addition to its many advantages of durability, it is also quite versatile when used to make garments with excellent properties. It is perfect for making accessories of all kinds, such as bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.

A versatile fabric: PU

Polyurethane is a very versatile plastic material. Chemically, it is a polymer resulting from a mixture of polyol and isocyanate. Being an adaptable material (it can be presented in both flexible and rigid state), the different possibilities offered by this material make its applications very wide. We see this plastic in many everyday uses, whether in phone cases or kitchen scouring pads. It is especially useful in the creation of accessories due to its strength and malleability. If you want to use this material for your next collection, we recommend buying it from Recovo as the fabrics in our catalog come from reusable textile surplus, so by using this surplus you will save the pollution involved in processing this material and add a plus of sustainability to your accessories.

The most produced synthetic fiber: polyester

Polyester is the most produced and used synthetic fiber in the world due to its strength and durability properties, and is made from petroleum derivatives. It is an economical yet high quality material that will not wrinkle, stretch or shrink. Easy to wash and dry quickly, lightweight and easy to use, highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.

The most widely used natural fabric: cotton

Cotton fabrics are among the most widely used fabrics in the world because they are easy to manufacture and provide many environmental benefits because they do not pollute like other synthetic fabrics. Cotton fabric has good elasticity, softness, breathability and durability, which are very desirable properties when it comes to making clothes. Cotton fabrics are comfortable and maintain their color and texture despite the sun and weather, making them an excellent choice when making accessories.

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