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Find below a selection of circular and innovative materials, including deadstock fabrics, trims and yarns as well as sustainable on-demand fabrics that reduce textile waste and foster a circular economy. Embrace circular fashion by choosing low-impact and reclaimed materials with full traceability data that align with your brand values. Shop now deadstock and sustainable materials online.


Your go-to place for deadstock materials and on-demand sustainable fabrics

Check out our deadstock materials and on-demand sustainable materials marketplace for a wide selection of fabrics in large and small stocks. You can choose between natural, organic or cellulose-based deadstock fabrics; luxury fabrics from big brands and fashion designers; certified materials with GOTS, GRS and other certifications; recycled and recyclable deadstock fabrics, and many more. You can also choose from a diverse selection of yarns and trims to create fully circular collections that are ethical and sustainable. Plus, if you're looking for transparency, all of our materials come with full traceability data, ensuring every choice you make aligns with the highest sustainability standards.

Recovo also helps you measure the impact saved by your brand with reports that include, among others, the total water and emissions saved. On each product sheet, you can find individual impact information for each material, as well as detailed information such as detailed composition, care instructions, and other relevant information related to the reclaimed fabric, thread, or trimmings.

Embrace the circular economy by choosing deadstock fabrics that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our marketplace goes beyond the conventional and offers you access to innovative, cutting-edge reclaimed fabrics and other materials, from vegan leathers to fabric substitutes made from fruits like persimmon or pineapple. Whether you're drawn to the richness of natural and organic fibers or the innovation of recycled materials, our diverse range allows you to make choices that resonate with your brand values.

With Recovo, your creative journey is underpinned by a commitment to quality, sustainability and variety. Unleash your creativity with deadstock fabrics and materials that not only meet the demands of your designs but also meet the compliance standards of European waste regulations and digital passports. Explore our extensive stock, discover the wealth of certified materials and redefine your approach to fashion with circularity at its core while making a positive change in the fashion industry. Your choices today shape the sustainable fashion landscape of tomorrow. Join us in making fashion circular.

Frequently asked questions about deadstock fabrics

What are deadstock fabrics?

Deadstock fabrics refer to surplus or excess textile materials that were produced for a specific project but remained unused. These fabrics are often brand new, high-quality, and in perfect condition. Opting for deadstock fabrics is the perfect option for brands and designers as it eliminates the need for ordering new productions, saving them valuable time, and concurrently mitigating the environmental impact associated with fresh fabric manufacturing. Plus, deadstock fabrics help reduce waste in the textile industry by repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded. Choosing deadstock fabrics not only contributes to environmental conservation but also allows for unique and limited-edition creations. Explore our collection of deadstock fabrics to elevate your projects while promoting sustainability in fashion and design.

What are the benefits of using deadstock fabrics?

Utilizing deadstock fabrics offers multiple benefits for conscientious consumers and eco-minded creators. These materials present a unique opportunity to minimize environmental impact. Some of the advantages of using deadstock fabrics include reduced waste, lower carbon footprint, lower prices for materials in perfect state, and the promotion of ethical fashion practices. By opting for reclaimed fabrics, individuals contribute to a circular economy, support eco-friendly initiatives, and access high-quality materials for their projects. Explore the numerous benefits of deadstock fabrics to elevate your creations by sourcing your materials from Recovo.

Where to find deadstock fabrics online?

At Recovo, you can find a wide selection of reclaimed fabrics and other materials such as deadstock yarn, deadstock trims and more to create a collection that is completely circular. You can also choose from different sustainable fabrics with certifications, recycled fabrics, innovative fabrics, and more. With our marketplace, you won't run out of options to make sustainable fashion. Shop deadstock fabrics online with Recovo.

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