Exclusive access to premium purchase conditions

Benefit from free sample shipments, exclusive discounts and flexible payment methods 

Recovo Plus subscription includes:

Unlimited free sample shipment 

With no limit on the number of samples you can receive, you can explore our range of products until you find the perfect fit for you. 

One month stock reserve

Enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in managing your inventory for orders over 1000€.

Flexible payment: 3 installments or 60 days 

Enjoy greater convenience and control over your purchases.

Impact communication materials

Communicate your message effectively with our impact communication materials, including digital labels.  

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  • Sample shipments: 7€.
  • Payment methods with transfer over 1000€.
  • Payment terms 3 installments
  • Generic communication materials per meter
  • No stock reservation

Free trial period

then 29,99€ per month (excl. VAT)

  • Free and unlimited sample shipment
    Flexible payment:
  • 3 installments or 60 days ( card, Paypal, transfer )
  • Impact communication materials: PDP ecommerce digital label
  • Stock reserve 1 month (>1000€ order)

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