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Hi community! In this section, we want to share with you other companies and partners that work hard towards a sustainable fashion industry.

These companies can help you in different ways. From connecting with a community of conscious consumers to helping improve your sustainable practices. Check them out!

Bcome: Sustainability platform transforming the fashion industry

Use for brands: sustainability management

The sustainability platform that empowers textile and apparel businesses to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring this to the end consumer. Founded in 2019, BCOME is a pioneer in the application of intelligent methodologies for systemic sustainability management and has more than 1 million guaranteed products on the market.

LCD: Where independent brands and conscious shoppers meet

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

A portal to our community of independent designers, open anytime, anywhere. Each designer in the Lone Design Club community is available on our online store, with exclusive glimpses into their design process and inspiration featured. The selection of designers constantly evolves as new brands join. 

Dcycle: The all-in-one environmental intelligence tool. Sustainability made easy. 

Use for brands: sustainability management

“We are the environmental intelligence tool that allows any type of company to measure their full environmental impact, set scientific targets based on their capabilities and share their performance”.

“We guide them along the way of reducing and improving their impact to make sustainability decision-making easy, attractive and costeffective”.- Dcycle team.

Entire stories: A marketplace for sustainable newcomer fashion brands

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

“We want to make sustainable fashion understandable, accessible and attractive for everyone. Together with Recovo we can establish a long-term circular business model for the industry. All brands listed on entire stories marketplace have leftovers that we can refer to Recovo in order to reduce waste together”.


“We also present upcycling brands that make new collections from leftover fabrics”. Entire stories team

Sustainable Gate: International sustainable fashion databases

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

Sustainable Gate is one of the most complete international sustainable fashion databases, where users can easily discover hundreds of sustainable fashion brands in one place, thanks to a system of filters.

Moreover, the website provides clear information about the fashion system, with the aim of training informed consumers, as well as creates inspiring articles with tips for a sustainable shopping and lifestyle

Appcycled: Upcycling fashion platform

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers


Appcycled is a digital platform that allows you to discover the best upcycled fashion designers and buy unique, inimitable, and sustainable garments.

A platform that has the mission of powering upcycled fashion by creating collaborations and partnerships

Ethical time: Sustainable fashion platform

Use for brands: sustainability management + community of conscious consumers

“We have created the first ever Real Sustainable Fashion check.”- Ethicl time team

All brands that pass it are truly sustainable companies, ensuring decent work behind all their garments and having a positive impact on the planet.

ACME (Asociación de creadores de moda de España): association of the most relevant fashion firms in Spain

Use for brands: growth & visibility + tools to increase competitiveness.

ACME aims to promote Spanish fashion by encouraging activities that benefit the fashion design sector in its creative and commercial aspects, both inside and outside Spain.

ACME is made up of companies of different nature and sizes, but they all share important values such as responsible consumption, sustainable growth, commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and respect for the craft and tradition. The Association provides them with access to a wide network of professional contacts with the aim of increasing their visibility, as well as helping them to generate new business opportunities.

Blend: Sustainable platform for designers

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

Blend is a community-led platform to launch and grow your emerging brand.

BLEND is the ideal launchpad for emerging designers, providing an engaged community, supporting flexible manufacturing, full price control, and a direct connection to your customers.

Sustainable brand platform: Sustainable fashion platform

Use for brands: sustainability management

Sustainable Brand Platform is the sustainable identity card for fashion brands. SBP assists brands to evaluate and communicate by a recognized common language their sustainability performance in a transparent way to all stakeholders.

They help you in your sustainability strategy!

Revibe: the biggest community of designers and creators dedicated to upcycling fashion.

Use for brands: sell your product + community of conscious consumers

Revibe is the leading online platform for upcycling fashion brands in Europe. Headquartered in Paris, the tech startup brings together over 100 independent fashion designers, counting +1500 unique items strictly produced using pre-existing textile fabrics.

With their integrated B2B platform, Revibe not only helps upcycling brands to sell their collections to new engaged consumers, but also supports them in all the phases of their value chain: materials procurement, photo shooting, press releases, wholesale and retail distribution.

With Revibe, upcycling designers can finally concentrate on what they do best: creating

A sustainable closet: A platform for those who want to end fast fashion and start their own sustainable fashion journey.

Use for brands: Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

They promote ethical brands and second hand first hand,  talk about people instead of consumers and  are focusing on solutions instead of problems. We want you to find your sustainable closet and we want to show that being fashionable and sustainable can easily go hand in hand.  

Ecodicta: making fashion accessible to all

Use for brands: fashion sharing

they offer their customers multiple garments, for a monthly fee of 39 to 49 euros, which allows them to receive about 60 garments annually, including accessories.

 the idea of this project in terms of sustainability is based, on the one hand, on giving value to the garments and reducing production, extending their life cycle and promoting their use by several people; and, on the other hand, on working with sustainable and recycling brands, so that these garments, when they can no longer be used, are reintroduced into the economy by being recycled and generating a circular model.


Paro Store: marketplace for emerging brands

Use for brands: sell your products + community of conscious consumers

  is an online marketplace that focuses on emerging brands that are creating in a way that’s good for people and the planet.  By curating brands that represent the most creative, innovative and responsible side of the fashion industry; we have created a highly curated marketplace where we tell our brand stories to our wider audience. By doing this we strive to help small, independent brands grow in the most authentic and responsible way possible. 

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