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Beste stoffen en textiel die haar afstoten | Recovo

The adhesion of hairs on clothes can become very annoying, especially if we have very furry pets. Moreover, it is not only an aesthetic problem, but after putting the clothes in the wash, wet tufts of hair can also prevent water from draining properly, putting a strain on your home’s

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Kreukvrije stoffen: Wat ze zijn, kenmerken en meer

We have all felt the frustration of wearing a shirt and finding it wrinkled. On these occasions, we might have wondered if it might have been better to have chosen a different type of fabric for that garment. If this has happened to you, then you will want to know

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Hoe beïnvloedt de gascrisis de textielindustrie?

© Image courtesy of Euratex   Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov announced last week that Russia will no longer ship gas to Europe as long as sanctions triggered by the Ukraine war remain in place. The cuts have led to unprecedented gas and electricity prices in Europe, exacerbating an energy

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Welke stoffen kunnen allergieën veroorzaken?

What is fabric allergy? Have you ever had skin rashes after contact with a specific fabric? The material might make you allergic. The main sympotmps for fabric allergy are contact dermatitis (redness, scaling, and itching), burning eyes and tightness in the chest . Para-phenylenediamine and formaldehyde resins are the main

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Wat zijn next-gen stoffen en hoe implementeert u ze in uw collectie

Image credits: 2020-21 look by Mariam Al Sibai made from Piñatex. What are next-gen fabrics? Next-generation fabrics or “next-gen” materials are non-plastic, non-synthetic and vegan fabrics that serve as ethical and sustainable alternatives to conventional fabrics for use in fashion, home products and more. Why do we need next-gen fabrics?

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Wat is niet-geweven stof? Alles wat je erover moet weten

What is non-woven fabric (NWF)? Non-wovens or non-woven fabrics are fabrics that are produced by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes, but without being woven and without the need to convert fibers into yarn, since the fiber webs are bonded together as a result of the inherent friction (entanglement) from one

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