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Frequently Asked Questions


01-What is the price to sell at Recovo?

We charge a 25% comission per succesfull transaction made.Our team is in charge of the full service we list your products for you

02-What can you sell on Recovo?

Excess fabrics / deadstock fabrics from previous collections

03-What is the minimum to sell?

Starting at 5 meter of textile up to the quantity you want

04-How sellers get notified when an order takes place

1)You get an Email notification 2)You have 3 business days to pack & request the pick up 3)The revenue from the transaction is placed on your Stripe/Recovo account. You will be able to withdrawal 7 days after the buyer has received the product correctly.

05-how does the invoicing work

Automatic invoiced are generated when a transaction takes place between you and the buyer. Recovo is just the intermediary. On the other hand, Recovo will send you an invoice charging the 25% commission fee per sucesdful transaction. This is also automatic.

06-how does the shipping work

Vendors should commit to the following shipping standards 1. From 5 to 25 meters: must be folded and packed in a box or bag 2. From 26 meters up: it should be rolled

06-Who pays the shipping

Buyers pay the shipping
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