8 million liters of water saved so far by our reusing initiative

Wool Fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

In need of wool fabrics? discover our selection of wool fabrics to source your next collection with Recovo

You will find wool fabrics in different colors or textures from the best fashion houses in Europe.

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Where does wool fabric come from? Uses and benefits

Wool is a fiber obtained from the skin of domestic sheep.Wool can also be obtained from animals such as alpaca, camel, Kashmir goat, and many others.

Wool fabric is characterized by its soft texture and curly shape. The finest wool is obtained from the shortest pile, while longer fibers produce a coarser type of wool. In general, it is a thick and elastic fabric, being a thermal insulator that retains heat very well and is ideal for cold climates and for making winter clothing.

The types of wool depend on the animal it comes from and its manufacturing methods. We have, for example, the traditional tweed, a thick wool fabric that makes herringbone pattern, and its use is mainly in suits and coats. We also have worsted, a high quality fabric formed by compactly woven strands of wool, which is widely used in upholstery. Another widely used wool is cashmere, which comes from the Kashmir goat and is soft, lightweight and ideal for making scarves and coats. The classic fabric of the Scots, plaid wool also called tartan, is also composed of wool, and wool crepes, fine and soft, have a good drape and you can find them in suits and dresses.

Where to buy wool fabrics in a sustainable way?

At Recovo you can find a wide variety of wool fabrics in tricot, merino, fantasy, various prints and much more, so it won't be difficult for you to find one that suits your needs (you can also ask for samples on the product page). All these fabrics come from surplus fabrics of all kinds of brands in perfect condition. And why reuse surplus fabrics? First, because if you really need wool fabrics, buying it in a circular way will also avoid extracting more wool from animals. And second, because on the other hand, you will be positively impacting the environment by avoiding the consumption of water, energy and pollution resulting from the manufacturing process of new fabrics. All are benefits when using a fabric reuse model, so we recommend you to join this way of making fashion in a more responsible and sustainable way.

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