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Velvet fabrics

If you are in need of velvet fabrics to produce your next collection, take a look at our velvet fabrics category and feel inspired! Perfect for coats, dresses, capes and other garments. Shop your velvet fabrics at Recovo! Buy velvet fabrics online.

Types of velvet and their characteristics

Velvet is a soft, short-pile, dense fabric. Before velvet could be manufactured on a large scale and at low cost, this fabric was associated with luxury and power. The original velvet fabric was made by hand from silk fibers, but today it can be obtained in many ways, either from natural fibers, synthetically, or a mixture of the two.

Natural velvets are the softest and most elegant. Silk velvet is the original velvet, and is the most delicate and unavailable. Cotton velvet has a very soft and delicate feel, and is ideal for making coats, dresses and capes. Corduroy is a variety of cotton velvet, and consists of a thicker fabric perfect for protection from the cold in winter. Lyon velvet is also a high quality type of cotton velvet.

Synthetic velvet tries to imitate natural velvet with the use of materials such as rayon or nylon, they are also soft but more resistant and heavier than natural velvet, and at the same time they are cheaper and easier to clean and maintain. Lycra velvet, for example, is elastic and is mainly used to make garments for artistic sports. Martelé is also another type of synthetic fabric, made from polyester, and is widely used to make costumes.

How to care for velvet fabrics

Natural velvet is somewhat more difficult to care for than synthetic velvet. Ideally, you should avoid stains from water and other liquids and its exposure to sun and heat, as it can lose its luster. Washing machines should be avoided and preferably dry-cleaned. Ironing should also be avoided, even if the fabric is turned inside out.

Where to buy velvet fabric

A good way to buy velvet fabrics is with Recovo, as they present an added value to your collection: they are circular and avoid the production of new fabric and the consequent waste of resources and emission of greenhouse gases. On our website you will find a whole range of fabrics of all kinds, including velvet, which consist of textile surplus that is in perfect condition and therefore can be used to make new but more sustainable garments.

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