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Under 5 meters MOQ

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

If you want to create a small collection or you’re looking for fabrics that have small minimum order quantities, here you will find materials with low MOQs. These are great quality fabrics that are perfect for both small and big brands, and you can filter from a variety of colors, textures and compositions. Plus, Recovo fabrics consist of reusable excess fabrics from small and big brands that stop overproduction of materials, so don’t miss the chance to use circular fabrics in your collection. Buy under 5 meters MOQ fabrics online.

If you're in the business of fashion and textiles, you've likely come across the term “MOQ,” which stands for “minimum order quantity.” This refers to the minimum amount of a product that a supplier or manufacturer requires you to purchase in order to place an order with them. In many cases, MOQs can be quite high, which can be a challenge for smaller businesses or those just starting out. However, some suppliers offer an “Under 5 meters MOQ” option, which can be a great solution for those looking to make smaller orders.

What is “Under 5 meters MOQ”?

“Under 5 meters MOQ” refers to a minimum order quantity of less than 5 meters (or approximately 16.4 feet) of a particular product. This option is often offered by suppliers who specialize in fabrics, textiles, and other materials that are sold by the meter. By offering a lower MOQ, these suppliers can make their products more accessible to smaller businesses and startups who may not be able to purchase large quantities at once.

What are the characteristics of “Under 5 meters MOQ”?

The main characteristic of “Under 5 meters MOQ” is, of course, the low minimum order quantity. This can be a huge advantage for businesses that don't need or can't afford to purchase large quantities of a particular product. In addition, suppliers who offer “Under 5 meters MOQ” often have a wide variety of products available, which can be helpful for businesses that need to source multiple materials or fabrics for their products.

What are the uses of “Under 5 meters MOQ”?

“Under 5 meters MOQ” can be used for a variety of products, but it is most commonly used for fabrics and textiles. This can include things like cotton, silk, polyester, and more. These materials are often used in the production of clothing, home goods, and other consumer products. “Under 5 meters MOQ” can also be useful for businesses that are just starting out and need to test the market before committing to larger orders.



Q: Is “Under 5 meters MOQ” available for all products?

A: No, “Under 5 meters MOQ” is typically only offered for products that are sold by the meter, such as fabrics and textiles.

Q: Is there a price difference for “Under 5 meters MOQ” orders?

A: It depends on the supplier. Some may offer a slightly higher price per meter for orders under 5 meters, while others may offer the same price regardless of the order quantity.

Q: Can I place multiple “Under 5 meters MOQ” orders for the same product?

A: Yes, you can typically place multiple orders of less than 5 meters for the same product.

Q: How do I find suppliers who offer “Under 5 meters MOQ”?

A: At Recovo, you can find a selection of “Under 5 meters MOQ” where you will find fabrics from different types of suppliers. These fabrics are circular, meaning you will be contributing to a more sustainable fashion by creating collections from excess stock, fighting textile waste and stopping overproduction of materials in the fashion industry.

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