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Twill Fabrics

Twill fabrics

If you are looking for cotton twill fabrics to launch your next collection, feel inspired by our selection of twill fabrics in cotton. Suitable for trousers, skirts jackets and tote bags! Source your twill fabrics with Recovo! Buy twill fabrics online.

What is twill and why buy this fabric

Twill is a versatile fabric weave characterised by its diagonal lines, which are created by an offset in the warp threads. Twill is popular because it is very durable and hides stains well, and it is used for jeans, furniture coverings, bags, and more.

The most popular fibres used for twill weaves are cotton and polyester, or a blend of the two. In weaving twill, the the horizontal thread is woven over one or more warp threads (the vertical thread held taught on a loom) and then under one or more warp threads. Each row is offset from the one above, which creates the diagonal pattern. Twill weaves are cathegorized into fractions to denote how they were woven. For example, a twill labeled as 3/1 means that the weft is woven over three warp threads and under one warp thread.

Why buy twill fabrics online at Recovo

Buying fabrics at Recovo means making fashion in a sustainable way. This is possible thanks to the fact that all the fabrics you can find on our website are leftover fabrics in perfect condition, but instead of being wasted, you can reuse them to contribute to textile circularity and make fashion more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

Frequently asked questions about buying twill fabrics in Recovo

– Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Recovo fabrics are sourced from different suppliers, and each supplier sets their own minimums. There is a category called “MOQ under 5m” in the menu (under Shop) where you can see all the fabrics that can be purchased with MOQ minimums. You can also take a look at the description on each product page, where you can see the minimum purchase.

We also have a section “Above 100 m stock” for those collections that need a higher volume of fabric.

– Where do you ship your twills to?

Recovo's twill fabrics and other fabrics are currently only shipped to EU countries.

– How long will it take to receive my twill order?

We ship within 5-7 days.
Shipping takes between 5-7 days for domestic shipments and 7-15 days for shipments to the rest of the EU.

How can I find out about new entries of twill fabrics?

You can join our newsletter to stay up to date on new fabric entries – just for subscribing you will get 10% off your first order!

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