15 million liters of water saved thanks to our activity


1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

If you are looking for  Organza fabrics to produce your next collection, feel inspired by our selection of organza fabrics. Perfect for dresses, blouses, and beautiful pieces. Fall in love with our selection of quality organza fabrics. Buy organza fabrics online.

What is organza fabric?

The term “organza” is related to the term “organza,” which in modern times refers to any type of silk thread made using a simple rotary spinning process. Like most other silk garments, organza originated in areas along the Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes that stretched from China to Europe. Organza is a lightweight plain weave. This type of fabric is sheer, which means it is woven at a very low density, resulting in a transparent and relatively thin fabric. Because of its transparency and high breathability, organza fabrics are often used to make garments that cover thicker garments and are sometimes used to make various types of home textiles.

In the past, organza was made entirely of silk. However, the advent of fully synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon has made it possible to manufacture such textiles from other base materials.

Due to its incredibly delicate nature, organza fabric cannot be washed in a washing machine. Instead, it's necessary to wash this type of fabric by hand, and many consumers prefer to have their organza dry cleaned.

Like silk fabric, organza has a soft, smooth texture and is not slippery like synthetic fibers. It has characteristics like no other fabric, uniquely combining properties such as drape qualities, dry yet lustrous feel, absorbs moisture well, is hypoallergenic making it ideal for people with allergies and easily irritated skin. It is not very elastic but has a great resistance, and if well cared for, it can be very durable.

Why buy organza fabrics from Recovo?

Buying organza fabric in Recovo is making sustainable fashion
In Recovo we have several types of organza with an added value; they are textile surplus in perfect condition that will allow you to create your collection based on circularity, thus avoiding the production of resources such as water and pollution that comes from the manufacture of fabric. In this way, you can contribute to making fashion a more sustainable industry. To learn more about your impact when buying fabric from Recovo and what circularity of fabrics means for the environment, you can find out more in the “sustainability” section under the “about us” category in the menu.

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