8 million liters of water saved so far by our reusing initiative

Organic Fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

Looking for organic fabrics? discover our selection of organic fabrics to source your next collection with Recovo

Discover  organic cotton and organic linen fabrics. Fall in love with our different colors and textures of organic fabrics!

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Why buy organic fabrics? Build your brand by following a sustainable approach.

Organic fabrics are fabrics known for their environmentally friendly and sustainable character. These fabrics do not undergo any chemical alteration during their production, i.e. no pesticides, herbicides or toxic substances have been used to allow the natural growth of the plant from which they come, which is also born from untreated and non-GMO seeds.

Organic fabrics include cotton, linen and hemp.

Organic fabrics are hypoallergenic and avoid skin problems, especially for babies and children, as they do not contain chemical residues that can cause irritation. In addition, clothing made with organic fabrics has a superior yarn quality due to the lack of these chemical residues, so they have much more durability and are much better preserved with the passage of time and washing. As they come from natural fabrics, they also have characteristics such as breathability, softness and comfort.

In our catalog of organic fabrics you will find, mainly, cotton and linen. These fabrics, when produced organically, are usually harvested by hand. Organic cotton receives several washing processes, and then its fibers are separated from the rest of the plant material to become yarns.
Flax fibers are naturally degraded, then the pectin is removed, the woody fibers are removed from the stalk, and the resulting fibers are combed and spun.

The organic fibers come mainly from India, China and Turkey. Many of these fabrics have certificates to prove that they are truly organic, one of the most important of which is the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. You will be able to find this certification on many of the Recovo fabrics.

Recovo, the circular alternative to buying organic fabrics

You will be able to find in Recovo, besides organic fabrics, all kinds of fabrics that come from surplus and can be reused to make new garments. By following this circularity model, you will give an added value to your collections by contributing to sustainability and improving the impact that the textile industry has on the environment, as you will avoid unnecessary consumption of natural resources and the pollution involved in producing new fabrics.

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