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Why buy natural fabrics?

Natural fabrics are the fabrics manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way as they do not require as much amount of energy to harvest and produce, plus they generate less amount of carbon dioxide compared to synthetic fibers.

Characteristics of natural fabrics

In terms of their characteristics, natural fabrics are comfortable, do not fade, are resistant to sunlight and their texture does not wear out. In addition, these fabrics are hypoallergenic, and, therefore, can be used by people with allergies, do not cause skin irritation, and provide an effective barrier against bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, they are durable and very versatile fabrics that promote perspiration, thus helping to regulate body temperature.

With natural fabrics you can do almost anything. Our catalog has a wide range of fabrics focused on sustainability, quality, versatility, durability and comfort. Fabrics you can find on our website include cotton, linen and wool, each with its own properties; cotton is easy to care for, breathable and absorbent; linen is lightweight and breathable; wool is warm and comfortable in various weather conditions. You can also find a variety of denim, silks and hemp, each fabric with its own characteristics for you to create your next collection according to your preferences.

Buying natural fabrics online at Recovo is contributing to sustainability

In addition, if you buy natural fabrics in a circular way at Recovo, you will be taking advantage of textile waste that is wasted despite being in perfect condition, while helping to protect the environment by avoiding the production of new fabrics, save on resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions altogether and reduce the impact of the fashion industry.

On the other hand, natural fabrics are fully biodegradable, do not generate toxic waste over time and do not contain chemicals, dyes or finishes, so every time you wash your garments made with natural fibers, you avoid releasing polluting chemicals into our water system and into the air.
The same natural materials that make up the world around you can also be used to bring your clothes to life: the potential for creativity is limitless!

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