10 million liters of water saved thanks to our activity

Hemp Fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

Looking for hemp fabrics? discover our natural hemp fabrics made in Nepal by local artisans perfect for your next sustainable collection. Don’t miss the chance of getting our Hemp our quality fabrics. Buy hemp fabrics online.

Hemp fabric, one of the most sustainable fabrics

Recovo's hemp fabrics come from Nepal and are made by local artisans in an environmentally friendly way. Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics available as it is sourced entirely from the hemp plant from the long strands that make up its stalk. These fibers are extracted from the hemp's bark through a process known as chilling and then spun into a continuous yarn that is woven into a fabric.

The benefits of hemp fabric are many, but above all, it stands out because of how environmentally friendly it is. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce CO2 emissions (it is estimated that each ton of hemp can absorb 1.62 tons of CO2). It does not require pesticides or much water, it renews the soil with each growth cycle, its roots serve to minimize erosion and it can also be dyed with natural dyes. The hemp plant, moreover, can be grown in virtually any type of soil without depleting its nutrients (indeed, it helps restore nutrients that may have been lost prior to cultivation), and does not require fertilizers.

In addition to its many benefits in terms of sustainability, it is also very versatile when it comes to creating garments with excellent properties. Hemp as a fabric is a great alternative to cotton. It is strong, durable and soft to the skin. It has a great breathability quality so making T-shirts from hemp fabric is an excellent choice for warm temperatures. Moreover, even after numerous washings, it does not wear out and manages to keep its shape, and even becomes softer. All this, makes it a fabric that is highly appreciated by people who know it.

Reuse hemp fabric from Recovo

The fabrics you can find in Recovo, like these hemp ones, come from the textile surplus of other brands. They are in perfect condition and contribute to the circular model of fashion creation, giving a second life to surplus fabrics and thus avoiding the unnecessary production of fabrics, which normally consumes large amounts of water and energy and is a highly polluting process.

You can learn more about textile circularity and the impact of using Recovo fabrics for fashion production in the sustainability section (you can find it in the footer at the bottom of the website or in the main menu in the “about us – sustainability” section). Join us in sustainable fashion!

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