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Crepe Fabrics

Crepe fabrics

1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

If you are looking for crepe fabrics to create your next product drop, take a look at this crepe fabrics category where you can find a selection of fluid fabrics with movement perfect for dresses, blouses, tops and many other designs in which crepe is just a perfect match. Discover our range of high-quality crepe fabrics, known for their versatile and textured nature. Elevate your creations with our exceptional crepe fabrics today and bring your designs to life with their effortless elegance. Buy crepe fabrics online.

What is Crepe fabric?

Crepe fabric is created using a unique weaving technique that gives it a slightly pebbled texture and a characteristic crinkled surface. It is commonly made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or rayon, but can also be found in natural fibers like silk or cotton.

What are the uses of Crepe fabric?

Crepe fabrics have a wide range of applications in the world of fashion and crafts. They are often used to create flowy dresses, skirts, blouses, and even lightweight jackets. Their unique texture adds visual interest and drapes beautifully, making them suitable for both casual and formal wear.

What are some types of Crepe fabric?

Crepe fabrics come in various types, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. Some of the commonly known types of crepe fabrics include:

  • Georgette: Georgette crepe is slightly heavier than crepe de Chine and has a more textured surface. It has a slightly rough feel and provides a lovely drape, making it ideal for creating dresses, blouses, and skirts.
  • Wool Crepe: Made from wool fibers, wool crepe is a heavier crepe fabric with a more pronounced texture. It is known for its excellent drape and is commonly used for tailored garments such as skirts, trousers, and jackets.
  • Crepe Georgette: This fabric combines the lightweight qualities of georgette with the crinkled texture of crepe, resulting in a fabric that offers both softness and interesting surface characteristics. It is often used for flowing dresses, blouses, and scarves.
  • Satin Crepe: Satin crepe blends the smoothness and sheen of satin with the textured appearance of crepe. It has a subtle crinkled effect and is commonly used for elegant eveningwear and drapery.

FAQ about sourcing Crepe fabrics in Recovo

Do you have a minimum order?

Recovo fabrics come from a variety of suppliers, each with specific minimum requirements. However, some fabrics may have an order price below 5m: see the 'MOQ under 5m' category in the menu (under 'Shop') or check 'Minimum purchase' on the product page. If you are still unsure which fabric to buy and/or would like to see a fabric sample, you can request a sample on each product page.

For collections requiring more fabric, we also have a 'more than 100m in stock' section.

Where do you ship the fabrics to?

Currently, crepe fabrics and other Recovo materials are only shipped to EU countries.

How long will it take to receive my crepe fabrics?

The delivery time is 5-7 days for domestic shipments and 7-15 days for shipments outside Spain.

Q: Can I use crepe fabrics for other crafts besides garments?

A: Absolutely! Crepe fabrics can be used for various craft projects such as accessories, home decor accents, and even certain types of quilting. Get creative and experiment with different applications to make the most of these fabrics.

Q: Are these crepe fabrics suitable for beginner sewers?

A: Yes, our crepe fabrics can be a good choice for beginner sewers. They are relatively easy to work with and forgiving when it comes to small mistakes. Just take your time and follow basic sewing techniques to achieve satisfactory results.

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