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Coleo Fabrics


1 meter of Recovo fabric saves on average 293 liters of water 

Shop Continuity fabrics from manufacturer Coleo. Coleo produces materials on demand by transforming textile waste into the fabrics and garments of the future. Coleo collaborates with Recovo for a circular and sustainable industry, with the highest quality and transparent and measurable traceability.

Coleo and Recovo join forces to produce 5 types of 100% recycled fabrics from textile waste:

  • Creta: 67% Recycled Cotton| 33% Recycled Polyester
  • Crem: 70% Recycled Cotton| 30% Recycled Polyester
  • Creen: 63% Recycled Cotton| 30% Recycled Polyester
  • Ceon: 50% Recycled Cotton| 50% Recycled Polyester
  • Cane: 27% Recycled Cotton| 27% Recycled Polyester| 46% Organic Cotton

Find them in different colors in the selection below. Shop Coleo fabrics online.

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