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How to apply eco-design techniques to your collections

To create a sustainable collection, it is very important to take eco-design into account. Ecodesign allows you to plan a series of strategies, from product conceptualization to end-of-life, to create environmentally conscious pieces. In this article we explain everything you need to know about ecodesign and what techniques you can

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Types of Wool Fabrics that don’t itch

Wool is a popular material for clothing and textiles because of its natural insulating properties and durability. However, for some people, the itchiness of wool can be a major drawback. If you are someone who is sensitive to the itchiness of wool, don’t despair – there are several types of

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6 Trends that will shape sustainable fashion in 2023

We have just welcomed the new year, and with it comes hopes for progress towards sustainable fashion. This year promises new advances and innovations in the industry, and although we will have to wait twelve months to see what the year really has in store for us, for now we

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cop27 key takeaways

Key takeaways of the COP27 related to fashion

The 27th edition of the United Nations Conference of the Parties or COP27 was held last week from November 6 to 18. The event, which took place in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, brought together around 90 heads of state and representatives from more than 190 countries with

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Best fabrics and textiles that repel hair

The adhesion of hairs on clothes can become very annoying, especially if we have very furry pets. Moreover, it is not only an aesthetic problem, but after putting the clothes in the wash, wet tufts of hair can also prevent water from draining properly, putting a strain on your home’s

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